Privacy Policy

Definitions. “Content” shall mean information or images contained on the website, including although not restricted to, trademarks, copyrights, ads, data, text, graphics, photos, software and video. “Financial information” shall mean a User’s ssn, charge card number or expiration date, or the amount of any account held by User in almost any lender. “General information” is information associated with Customers apart from “financial information”, whether supplied by the consumer on the website or else acquired through the Modern ECO Homes. “Site” shall mean the web site situated in the URL address http://world wide “User” shall mean anyone or entity that accesses or uses the website by any means. “Modern ECO Homes” shall mean the Association of REALTORS, Corporation., its employees, officials, company directors, and all sorts of other persons or organizations associated with VAR accountable for creating, maintaining, and posting this website.

We use details about our Customers, people and non-people, for administrative, operational and financial reasons. Databases are maintained to keep specifics of: 1) membership records 2) course registration, attendance and completion 3) product purchases, along with other financial and general information.

The Modern ECO Homes won’t to produce User’s financial information to anybody outdoors the Modern ECO Homes without first acquiring the User’s consent, aside from information that we’re legally needed to collect and/or are accountable to government departments. General information might be launched to 3rd parties with no User’s consent. General information, can also be distributed openly in a variety of articles and reviews.

Financial and general information collected from Customers via online registration and order forms can be used to process and send orders, bill charge cards, verify membership, when relevant, and also to precisely maintain ongoing education records (as needed through the Modern ECO Homes rules). You might be requested to supply contact details (i.e., e-mail address, telephone number, firm title), unique identifiers (i.e., National Modern ECO HomesDatabase member number (social security amounts might be volunteered, as a substitute, with a member who doesn’t have his/her membership number)), and/or financial information (i.e., charge card number). Financial information provided via online order forms and registration forms can be used only through the Modern ECO Homes. It’s not offered or presented to 3rd party suppliers, junk mail concerns, list services, etc.