Modular Schools Pros And Cons

The cost of a portable classroom ( relies on the kind you decide on and regardless of whether you opt to lease or buy. Shipping / delivery and setup could cost $1,000 or higher.

Remember that modular classroom buildings are typically more costly than comparable buildings for private use. They have to satisfy federal and state safety and code laws, which need fire extinguishers, bathrooms, emergency exits, handicapped accessible ramps and proper heating and cooling systems.

Each selection has its pros and cons. Modular schools ( can be rented for $600 approx per month or bought from $9,000-$50,000. Modular schools are much less costly than Permanent structures, but they’re not as appealing and not very personalized. If you’re needs are very short-term – say for just one year while the classes is going through renovation – it is probably your best bet.

If your demands is that, go with a modular classroom. Modular classrooms lasts up to half a century, and they can relocated from one area to another if space needs change. Additionally they are usually larger, in a better position and more comfortable.

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