Fire Damage Destroyed My Family Home

When I was small, I was always seeing fire as only a means of cooking. But now I know better. Fire can destroy your beloved home. And that is what happened. My family home was grand and beautiful. It has lush lawn and it was on the center of a neighborhood. I was proud of my home. Fire destroyed that home and took my fond memories with it.
My family home was two stories. It was also huge in comparison to other houses on the streets. Even if it were small, I would have loved it. I would have loved it to the end of my life. Fire destroyed that dear house. I was in middle school then. I when it my classes as usual. My friends where already there. On that day I went out with some of my friends to the arcades. I played for a long time. I came back home just before afternoon. When I came near the house, I heard a lot of shouting. The shouting was coming from peoples piling in front of my home. There was also the smell or burned things in the ear. I instantly became alert. I didn’t know what was happening. So, I ran for to what was all the rucksack about. There was a fire that was burning inside too but I didn’t think that would make me feel so warm all of a sudden and there would be smoke and I thought someone must be smoking a very big cigar around here and there must be warmth and the smoke coming from and I really know that was just ridiculous of a thought because my body doesn’t want to think that there is a fire in the house but I knew.
Turns out my house was on fire. I was shocked and rooted to the floor. My house was burning down in front of my eyes. The fire control department was trying to control it to no avail. They were helpless. I later heard that the damage was caused from the stoves. The stoves where one and someone forgot to close it. There was also some food on the stove. It caught on fire and the fire spreader from there. I was feeling numb all over. My house was gone so was every belonging I had over the Couse of my life. Fire took every single precious object from my life. That was the worst fire that can happen to anyone and I think that shouldn’t be the end of our life because we have to move on.


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