Eco Friendly Home Tips

So if you into being “green”–so much so that you want to have an Eco friendly home then you are in luck. Here we will discuss what you are dealing with and what your chances are realistically for buying that home so you can make an educated choice.
How much to pay for this?
Well, you will be told a lot of things from the get go. First you will be told it is a bloody fortune and to forget a green house unless you want to spend 1.6 million as they do in California. Then you will be told that there are a lot of little kits and such to get the home turned into green as you want it that way. There is truth in both those things but here we will discuss the facts as we know them –
Be aware of green washing:
Being aware of green washing if you are a buyer is of paramount importance. This is a big controversy withing the Real Estate industry right now. This means that rather unsavory people are pricing up homes as “green” when they are not. This is because as of now and in most states, there is no real regulation as far as what makes a home “green” or they have more lax regulation that is easily swayed.
Now, it gets even more complicated because who really gets to define what a “green” home is? Well the person buying really. That’s right—it is the consumer that buys a green home for three basic reasons.
One—some buyers consider a home green because they want a home that is energy efficient so they will focus on insulating it properly and sealing windows and having solar panels etc. They will also focus on the flooring and anything that will get the home as efficient as possible.
Two– they want a sustainable future house. This one can get expensive and complicated because the buyer will be asking for locally sourced materials to build the home, insulate the home and they will be taking into consideration the land around the home. This is because self sustaining means everything that works around the home as a fundamental part of it’s function.
Three– they are looking for a home that is healthy in terms of toxicity. This means that they need to have a home devoid of chemicals that are harmful which all homes have. This is another expensive endeavor because it is something that is so intricate. Here is what you have to think about in order to make a home green or build a green home.
Foundation must be 100% organic so land fill stuff that will emit toxic chemicals into the floor. Then no carpet because carpet is noxious. There also needs to be natural wood flooring that has organic finish for the same reason. This also goes for natural insulation as well as paint and window treatments.
It is not impossible to buy a green home, just make sure it is what it is and rework your budget as much as possible.



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